Prelude to the conference

The conference days are Thursday and Friday 6 and 7 November 2014. Prior to the conference visits to prospective urban food production projects across the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Lelystad, Arnhem, etcetera) will take place with an expert team. This team will be informed about the projects, analyse their challenges and hurdles, and with project members formulate advice for future development.
The organising committee is inviting expressions of interest for a limited number of team members for the respective expert teams. The program for the visits starts on the evening before the actual visit at or near the project site, where the team is briefed and team members have the chance to meet each other (evening of 4 November).
The next day (5 November) the visit starts with brief introductions and background information about the project, after which the team can investigate the projects credentials and dig deeper in the concepts presented. The second half of the afternoon is reserved for the team to formulate advise for the project and prepare a short essay and presentation (max 10 minutes).
The next day, which is the first day of the conference (6 November) the respective reports will be presented to the conference audience in one of the plenary sessions, and the reports will be published as part of the conference proceedings. If you are interested to participate in an expert team and available for at least one day ahead of the conference please indicate this on the abstract submission form.