Friday November 7th

9.00-9.40 Food Security and Urbanization Guido Santini, FAO
9.40-10.30 Hardware Software Interface: a Strategy for the implementation of Urban Agriculture Greg Keeffe, Queens University Belfast
10.30-11.00 Coffee break
11.00-13.00 Parallel session Urban Planning LAB-Leeuwarden Chair: Joe Nasr
Room: 2.4 Balkenzaal
11.00-11.15 Laura Sasso, University of Duisburg-Essen, Urban Systems Elevating Urban Agriculture and City Resilience: A comporative study of performance indicators for yield, energy use, stormwater and sensible heat
11.15-11.30 Elizabeth Brabec, University of Massachusetts Amherts and the Czech University of Life Sciences Urban Gardening: Is it really about food security? 
11.30-11.45 Arnold van der Valk, Wageningen University and Research Centre Food Planning and Landscape in the ‘Gastropolis’ of New York
11.45-12.00 Richard Nunes, and Alistair Clewer, School of Real Estate and Planning, University of Reading Food systems planning and the city-region: Mapping policy perceptions and alignment with climate impact.
12.00-13.00 LAB – Leeuwarden
11.00-13.00 Parallel session Spatial Design LAB-Groningen Chair: Craig Verzone
Room: 1.9 Plugzaal
11.00-11.15 ir. Nathalia Mylonaki, Bauke de Vries, ir.Maarten Willems, ir.Tom Veeger, Eindhoven University of Technology Agri-tecture in a row. Urban Agricultutre for creative housing as a way of Smart Living. The case study of Woensel-West, Eindhoven
11.15-11.30 Andrew Jenkins, Queens University Belfast Planning Urban Food Production into Today’s Cities
11.30-11.45 Jacques Abelman, Amsterdam Academy of Architecture Cultivating the City: Infrastructures of abundance in urban Brazil
11.45-12.00 Dirk Wascher , Michiel van Eupen1, Jan-Eelco Jansma1, Stefano Corsi , Guido Sali2 and Ingo Zasada, Wageningen University and Research Centre Metropolitan Foodsheds as Spatial References for a Landscape-based Assessment of Regional Food Supply
12.00-13.00 LAB – Groningen
11.00-13.00 Parallel session Social Innovation LAB-Veghel Chair: Francesco di Iacovo
Room: 1.4 Bodezaal
11.00-11.15 Robert W. Taylor and J.S. Carandang, Montclair State University (New Jersey USA), De La Salle University, Manila Phil. Solving Urban Food Security through Rooftop Hydroponics
11.15-11.30 Sonia Massari, BCFN Foundation, Gustolab Institute Creating and promoting sustainable agriculture: the Milan Protocol Call to Action and the BCFNYES! Young solutions
11.30-11.45 Jenny Sjöblom and Ingrid Sarlöv Herlin,Department of Lanscape Architecture, Planning and Management, Alnarp Sustainable food from soil to table: Birth and growth of community supported agriculture in Sweden
11.45-12.00 François Jégou (1) and Stephanie Mantell (2) (1) Strategic Design Scenaruis abd URBACT II thematic network Sustainable Food in Urban Communities; (2) Bruxelles Environnement and URBACT II thematic network Sustainable Food in Urban Communities Finding space for sustainable food in urban communities: experiences from an URBACT thematic network 
12.00-13.00 LAB – Veghel
11.00-13.00 Parallel session Spatial Design-Governance LAB-Amsterdam Chair: Howard Lee
Room: 1.5 Buszaal
11.00-11.15 Esther Sanyé-Mengual (1,2), Isabelle Anguelovski(2), Jordi Oliver-Solà(1,3), Juan Ignacio Montero(4,1), Joan Rieradevall(1,5), (1)Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB),(2) Institut de Ciènca i Technologis Ambientals (ICTA).UAB. (3) Inèdit Innovació (4) Institute of Research and Technology in Agrifood Sector (IRTA) (5) Department d’Enginyeria Química.UAB. When the perception and development of Urban Rooftop Farming depend on how Urban Agriculture is defined: Examining diverging stakeholders’ experiences and views in Barcelona, Spain
11.15-11.30 Vries, ir. J. de, bnt, VHL University of Applied Sciences The Rotterdam Metabolists a step further than the Ecopolis strategy for urban food production
11.30-11.45 Anna Chiara Leardini and Stefano Serventi, dPolitecnico di Milano – Accademia di Architecttura della Svizzera Italiana Via Emilia: Infrastructure for Cultural Landscape & Food Heritage
11.45-13.00 LAB – Amsterdam
11.00-13.00 Parallel session Local Initiatives LAB-Arnhem Chair: Gaston Remmers
Room: 2.3 Indiëzaal
11.00-11.15 Ladina Knapp, Jeroen C.J. Groot, Esther Veen, Henk Renting, Johannes S.C. Wiskerke, Wageningen University and Research Centre (Farming Systems Ecology Group, Rural Sociology Group, Applied Plant Research) and Resource Centre on Urban Agriculture and Food Security Vulnerability Analysis of Urban Agriculture Projects: A Case Study of Community Gardens in the Netherlands and Switzerland 
11.15-11.30 Mark Stein, Salford University Business School Urban food initiatives in North West England
11.30-11.45 P. Bonavero, E. Dansero, G. Pettenati, A. Toldo, University of Turin, Politecnico of Turin Towards a local food agenda in Turin. Mapping practices and processes
11.45-13.00 LAB – Arnhem
11.00-13.00 Paralell session
Room: 1.8 Bestuurszaal
11.00-13.00 Special session IUFN local governments Chair: Marketa Braine, IUFN
11.00-13.00 Parallel session
Room: 1.6 Postzegelzaal
11.00-13.00  PhD-Event Chair: Jan Eelco Jansma
13.00-14.00 Lunch BreakLunch
14.00-14.45 Findings from the PhD/Young Professionals event
  Transformations and Invitations Andre Viljoen
14.45-15.15 Awards ceremony
15.15 Farewell drinks