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Grand Hotel Post-Plaza is **** Frisian Boutique Hotel, located in the historical center of Leeuwarden. Through the help of our service oriented, young, ambitious team, guests feel at ease and relaxed from the first moment. Personal attention, a traditional kitchen, a fair price-quality correlation gives us the great priviledge to see familiar faces in our returning guests.

The major provincial government buildings were, in the seventeenth century, all together on the Tweebaksmarkt. The brown brick part of the Grand Hotel, resembles with the round corner tower and dome somewhat of a smaller version of Parisian boulevard buildings. Mr. Henry Kramer (1850-1934), designed the building in 1885 in order of the brothers who were Gratama bankers. In 1878 the “Wite Hus” inhabited by one of the brothers Gratama, later with his brother: “User. Gratama Cashiers’ founding. They left together the beautiful, adjacent bank building built. The ground is fairly low held, together with the small windows was this solidarity that radiate and bank building was expecting. In contrast, the 2nd floor that is exceptionally tall. With the brothers Gratama it ended badly. In 1904 they unexpectedly became bankrupt by reckless speculation and providing large, improperly secured loans. This created quite a stir in Leeuwarden, because the phrase “as solid as Gratama ‘was well-known. The brothers fled one evening in an armored coach out of town, and Gaius Tjepke to Amsterdam to The Hague. The building was owned by the Dutch Central Bank and later the Provincial Water. Almost the entire interior was remodeled, the exterior strongly retrenched.

In the early 20th century it was found that the former post office in Leeuwarden on the Wortelhaven was too small and the Ministry decides a new office, which besides the post and telegraph, would also be in charge of the telephone, must find a place to build. The choice of location was the Tweebaksmarkt. The impressive 30-meter building was designed by National Master CH Peters and the construction took place under the leadership of superintendent SA Koldijk.The Venue- Post Plaza -3
The existing buildings were demolished. During the demolition, traces, extensive remains of walls and even a gate were found that probably go back to the monastery time. The gate is fully retained and was built in the post office. The interior design material is not spared. In 1903 the building was completed and became operational. Post offices have multiple functions. In addition to the post, telegraph and telephone, officeswere also used for the issue of benefits of the National Insurance which operated independently. During the century, advanced automation and the telephone exchange in the building regularly. The famous “phone ladies” made way for an automatic telephone exchange. In the 50s, the usage of the postal service increaased enormously and is an extension was therefore necessary.

Architect: C.H. Peters, Chief Government
Cornelis Hendrik Peters, born in Groningen, in 1847, education: Gymnasium
1864: student at architect firm in Sneek, by Mr.. A. Breunissen Troost.
1866: transfered to architect firm owned by architect Cuypers.
1877: Ministery of Public Works, Trade and Industry.
Architect of P & T – District 1 North Nederland.Peters built post offices in: Amsterdam (now Magna Plaza), Arnhem, Apeldoorn, Nijmegen, Dieren, Druten, Wageningen, Zutphen and Leeuwarden. Other buildings designed by Peters are: Ministry of Justice in The Hague. Station of Nijmegen, destroyed in the 2nd WW.

The Venue- Post Plaza -4
From Franciscan monastery to Post-Plaza
To mark the 100 years of the post office, a book was released called “From Franciscan monastery to Post-Plaza 1904-2004.” The book is written by Leendert Plaisier and covers the complete history of the building. The book is available for € 14.95 at various bookstores in Leeuwarden, or pop into the Post-Plaza where it is for sale at the reception.

The plaza is located on the ground floor and offers uncanning possibilities for your meetings, productpresentations or congres. This impressive hall was the former waiting room and is made by 100% luxurious stoning. The help of the curtains makes it possible to close of parts of the great hall and gives the room a more intimate atmosphere. The area is a total of over 600m2. Please be amazed by this spectacular hall.

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